Statement on Senate Judiciary’s May 4 Executive Business Meeting

The following statement from Internet Works is in response to today’s Senate Judiciary Committee Executive Business Meeting:

“Internet Works, and its member companies and organizations, are pleased to work with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee on their efforts to better protect children online, and particularly to rid the internet of child sexual abuse material (CSAM). We share these joint goals, and we prioritize eliminating CSAM.

“While we support the goals of the EARN IT Act and believe it was passed out of committee with good intentions, we continue to have concerns with aspects of the bill. In particular, the EARN IT Act limits platforms’ ability to take quick, decisive action to remove harmful content or content violating our platforms’ terms of service.

“We appreciated the opportunity to share the diverse and nuanced approaches Internet Works member platforms and organizations take in content moderation, and we hope Committee members and their colleagues will continue an open dialogue with Internet Works as Congress debates legislation that will affect small and mid-sized internet platforms.

“We look forward to continuing our work with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and their colleagues on important child safety bills.”