Statement on House Energy & Commerce Hearing

Internet Works Statement on the House Energy & Commerce hearing  “Disinformation Nation: Social Media’s Role in Promoting Extremism and Misinformation”

Members of Internet Works, a coalition of 23 small to mid-sized tech companies and organizations, prioritize the trust and safety of our users. We recognize the harms that misinformation and extremism present online and appreciate the light Congress is shining on these challenges.  As the Committee examines ways of addressing concerns about extremism and disinformation, it is important to remember that Section 230 does far more than protect internet businesses and organizations from liability when they host third-party content. It allows platforms to ensure users’ safety online.   

There’s no “one size fits all” answer to content moderation. As Congress considers potential changes to Section 230, it’s important to remember that the law’s flexibility has allowed companies of all sizes to flourish and tackle the harms that are unique to their platforms. We look forward to working with members of the Committee to address their concerns, but also ensure that any changes to the law aimed at large social media platforms do not create unintended consequences for the rest of the internet.