Internet Works Statement on Oral Arguments in Gonzalez v. Google

The following statement may be attributed to Internet Works:

“The internet is composed of platforms and organizations of various shapes and sizes, all of which rely on Section 230 to not only operate and serve their users but to provide users with the most enjoyable and safe experiences possible. Without Section 230, the internet we know would not be the connector of communities and driver of free speech as it currently exists.

“Internet Works is encouraged by today’s oral arguments in Gonzalez v. Google, in which Justices rightly noted the complex decisions involved in publishing large quantities of third-party content and the negative consequences of fundamentally reshaping Section 230 – including the inundation of lawsuits for platforms of all sizes. With this in mind, it’s important the Court chooses to do no harm.

“In the amicus curiae brief we filed in this case, we urged the Court to reaffirm the lower courts’ unanimous consensus that Section 230 provides broad protection for publishing third-party content. We are hopeful the Court will do so in its decision.”