Press Release on Coalition Launch

Internet Leaders Launch “Internet Works”

Independent Coalition will Advocate Congress Preserve Benefits of Bedrock Internet Law

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WASHINGTON – 12/15/2020 – Internet industry leaders Automattic, Cloudflare, Dropbox, eBay, Etsy, Glassdoor, GoDaddy, Medium, Nextdoor, Patreon, Pinterest, Reddit, Snap Inc., Tripadvisor, Vimeo, and the Wikimedia Foundation today announced the formation of Internet Works, a coalition that will work with Congress to promote the benefits of Section 230, a provision of the Communications Decency Act. Given multiple legislative proposals that could undermine CDA 230 benefits, the goal of Internet Works is to ensure policymakers understand the potential unintended consequences of blunt changes to the law, including reducing competition, imperiling consumer choice, and limiting effective content moderation efforts. 

“These well-known internet companies and nonprofits launched Internet Works to elevate the voice of stakeholders across the digital economy and work with policymakers to preserve the benefits of Section 230, the foundational internet law that enables the United States to lead the world in innovation and robust job growth in the technology sector,” said Josh Ackil, Spokesperson for Internet Works. “Internet Works members rely on CDA 230 to make their platforms safe for users and support free expression. This coalition brings new voices and diverse perspectives to Washington’s current Section 230 debate, which too often focuses on the largest internet platforms.” 

Internet Works and its members represent different corners of the Internet ecosystem, and rely heavily on Section 230 to act responsibly to protect users and compete in their respective markets. In working with policymakers in Washington, the coalition will work to preserve the benefits of Section 230 for consumers and the internet ecosystem and promote the competition, diversity, and user choice in technology and services that this provision provides. 

Internet Works will work to educate lawmakers and advocate for policies that: 

  • Strengthen the ability of companies and nonprofits to establish robust and transparent terms of service and enforcement systems to moderate content on their platforms.
  • Support a unified, comprehensive approach to reform, avoiding piecemeal efforts that would create a fragmented policy environment and discourage innovation.
  • Ensure that any Section 230 reform effort receives a thorough, bipartisan, and thoughtful review that such a foundational law deserves. 

To learn more about Internet Works and its policy priorities, visit: TheInternet.Works

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Josh Ackil for Internet Works 
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