Internet Works Pleased with Supreme Court Decisions in NetChoice & CCIA Cases

Washington, D.C., July 1, 2024 — Today, the Supreme Court of the United States issued its decision in the NetChoice, CCIA v. Paxton and Moody v. NetChoice, CCIA cases.

Internet Works and its members are encouraged by the rulings in which the justices upheld the platforms’ First Amendment right to moderate and curate the user-generated content they host.

The range and diversity of the internet ecosystem cannot be understated or underestimated: every Internet Works member curates and moderates content differently, based on what makes the most sense for their platform and users. As stated in our amicus brief, “burdensome speech regulations would also disproportionately impact mid-sized websites like Internet Works’ members” because small and mid-sized platforms have “fewer resources to comply with onerous regulations and fight litigation than their larger competitors.” 

We are pleased that the Supreme Court reaffirmed that the First Amendment protects moderation efforts. Ultimately, this is a win for internet users as they will continue to find platforms where they are free to associate with different topics of speech and expression, and they are able to discover wide ranges of content and services.

We now urge the Fifth and Eleventh Circuit Courts to issue decisions consistent with the Supreme Court’s mandate and continue to allow the internet to be a place for community, innovation, education, commerce and more.