Internet Works Announces Peter Chandler as Executive Director

Washington, D.C. — Since 2020, Internet Works and our members have worked to ensure that the voice of small and medium-sized online platforms is included in policy discussions typically targeted at the largest companies.

What began as an ad hoc coalition has recently become a trade association to expand the scope and reach of Internet Works’ efforts to promote the views, policy considerations and goals of the 19 platforms that comprise our membership. As Internet Works begins this new chapter, we are excited to announce that Peter Chandler will be our executive director.

“We’re thrilled that Peter Chandler has joined as Internet Works’ executive director,” said Laura Bisesto, Chair of Internet Works’ Board. “The tech policy space is constantly changing, especially around intermediary liability, and as we work to ensure small and medium-sized tech companies are included in the policy debates lawmakers are having around the country, Peter was a natural fit for us. We are excited to tap into his wealth of knowledge and experience in tech policy.”

On joining Internet Works, Chandler said, “Our internet ecosystem is diverse and expansive, and it is flourishing. Our policies must keep pace with rapidly evolving and emerging technologies in ways that foster continued innovation and ensure the future success of the internet. I’m looking forward to bringing my 30 years of state and federal experience to Internet Works and advocating for the small and medium-sized platforms – and their millions of users – that are often left out of the critical conversations happening in Congress and in legislative bodies across the country.”